Hi, I'm Heather Jansen. It's nice to meet you. This is my graphic design portfolio.
I transitioned to product design in 2020 and focus on visual design and strategy. I get excited thinking through information architecture, design systems & efficiency, prototyping interactions, and creating designs that work so well their presence is taken for granted.

Previously, I've worked in brand storytelling through graphic design for eight years, and spent eight years at National Geographic in project management and marketing design for their book division and international licensing departments.
I’m recognized as adaptable, resourceful and proactive, a clear communicator, and a leader with effective relationship building skills.  I'm currently unlearning the use of a double space after punctuation. ;)
From solving home-canning problems on a 1-800 hotline to creating the best messaging for an advertising campaign or product, my work is rooted in empathy and finding solutions to my client’s (or user’s) problem. 
I am inherently curious, an ideas person, and enjoy finding the why and how for every project. I’m a strategic thinker and approach every project with the big picture in mind.
I make awesome things and get stuff done. 
​​​​​​​What could we do together?
My Process
When I get stuck whether in my design work or in life, I turn to several of the practices listed in this collage. I find inspiration in all sorts of things—walking, baseball games, vintage ephemera, fantasy novels... to name a few. Perspective helps me to be a better and more successful designer.
Fun Facts:  I'm a Cubs fan, indie music nerd, and an Instagram photographer (much to the chagrin of my darkroom loving soul). I enjoy playing with procreate and digital collage. I'm a self-proclaimed coffee snob and can't resist a triple layer chocolate cake. In my free time, I like to sew clothing and pet cats.
Contact Me!
C: 202.302.1953
E: h@hrj.design

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