The Project
Every two years, Fetzer Vineyards creates a corporate sustainability report that highlights their accomplishments. The final deliverables are a 32-page report and a mini wine bottle packaged in a custom box to be shared with media, executives and partners.
This project was awarded by Graphic Design USA in 2019 in the annual report category.
It also won the People's Choice award at the 2020 Wine Packaging Conference
The Process
This seven-month project was done in collaboration with a fellow designer, our team lead, the PR & Communications director and an external agency for concepting and copy writing. ​​​​​​​This was the first time the PR department chose the in-house design team to make this high-profile, important project.
How we Started
We first met with PR to determine the project scope and timeline. We then collaborated with the external writing agency at an all-day brainstorming session, where we determined tone and several styles to build as first concepts. We created moodboards with design inspiration and shuffled ideas around as the day continued.
We wanted the report to be friendly and reflect Fetzer's roots in nature and organic and biodynamic growing processes. I iterated two concepts, one which was more business-forward and technical and a second which used bold imagery, color and collage with approachable font selections. We sent these selections to PR for review. They chose two styles which we then adapted into one report.
The Final Design
I was responsible for naming the report (the previous report was called The Road to Regeneration), the varying page layouts, color choices and type selection. I had a lot of fun creating the leaf-shaped photo collages, which combined grape varietal leaves and photos from Fetzer's land. I also made the topographic map based upon their actual topography.  
Additional Collateral
I was responsible for the digital billboard design in Times Square and the press microsite. I selected the appropriate images for the message and stuck to the styles used in the report for consistency. I also oversaw the mini wine bottle label and the exterior of the package, which was mailed to numerous PR contacts and Company executives.
I loved this project! It was great collaborating with so many people to make something beautiful!
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