For eight years at National Geographic, I was solely in charge of creating sales catalogs for the international licensing and then the domestic book divisions. I was project manager, content wrangler, designer, and production artist—starting from flat plan to file delivery and press checks. 
In the international division, I worked with the domestic division to get product specs, book blurbs, and product images and also to  determine international licensing rights. I worked on four catalogs a year (children's books and core books—Spring & Fall), each with at least 200 products, one-third of which were new titles.
In my last two years, I worked in the promotion department of the domestic book division. I was in charge of creating one catalog per season for every sales department (international licensing, domestic, UK, subsidiary rights, and library markets). I consulted with each sales team to determine format and specs needed for each market and created a format and product list that would work for all. This cut down significantly on printing and design costs. After I moved to California, I consulted with the book division for a year to ensure smooth process.
Fall 2014 catalog for core books, all sales divisions
Specialty catalog for Mom's Meet sales platform
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